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Crepes, croissants and more

  BON APPETIT  in Sonora, California 


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  Welcome to Bon Appétit—Crêpes, Croissants & More.  .  We have finished the Farmer’s Market for the year and will start again in May of 2013.  We will be at the Junction Shopping Center (next to the cleaners and two doors from Subway) starting December 12, 2012.  We will be open Wednesday through Saturday, 8:30 am until 3:00 pm, serving quiche, crepes, salads, sandwiches and pastry. Come and see us!!

Twain Harte Market in Twain Harte carries our butter croissant, pains au chocolat and almond croissants. We will also be offering you the chance to buy Bruno’s croissants, pains au chocolat and almond croissants uncooked and frozen. Serve them warm from your oven, and enjoy their flaky texture, buttery flavor and irresistible aroma. Preparation is simple: Let the frozen croissants rise for about nine hours or overnight, then bake to warm, flaky perfection.



fresh butter croissants

Apple Crepe

At Bon Appétit—Crepes, Croissants & More, we offer you homemade freshness. . All of our bakery products are made from scratch on the day sold, without preservatives.

Making Croissants


Bruno’s croissants involve one of the most laborious techniques in all of pastry making.  To make traditional French croissants, a pastry chef must repeatedly roll and fold a cool block of butter in a soft yeast dough, until the butter is divided into hundreds of paper-thin layers—a process that requires hours to accomplish.  The result of all that skilled work transforms when baked: the water in the butter turns into steam, causing the dough to rise, creating a delectably light and fluffy pastry

You can see our crepe menu here.  Our cart was designed by Apollo Carts in Canada to California Environmental Health laws and it is really terrific and the first of its kind in Tuolumne County.


You can become a fan at our Facebook site Bon Appetit, Crepes, Croissants and More where you can let us know what you think of what we are doing.

We will be at the Strawberry Music Festival over Memorial Weekend, 2013.  Come and try our crepes, quiche and pastries. We had a great time at the Festival in 2012.

Lisette Sweetwater and Bruno Trial making crepes at the Strawberry Music Festival—Labor Day Weekend 2012